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Finding Friends

We all want our kids to find friendship and to connect with others who appreciate all the things that make them unique. The following programs and resources are designed to help neurodiverse individuals connect and build friendships.

xMinds Playground Meetups for Elementary & Preschool Families

The xMinds Preschool and Elementary Parent Outreach Committee hosts monthly playground meetups for MoCo autistic children and their families. The playground meetups offer an excellent opportunity for autistic elementary and preschool kids to make friends and navigate a social setting. It's also a wonderful way for parents/guardians of autistic children to connect with each other. The whole family is welcome — bring siblings even if they're not elementary or preschool age. xMinds volunteers will be at the playground to provide snacks and to welcome you in English or Spanish. Click Here for More Information

Quirky Buds

Quirky Buds is a matching system that helps individuals with different abilities connect with like-minded individuals who live near them. Quirky Buds was started by Caroline Turner, a licensed social worker in Austin, Texas, who is passionate about serving individuals with neurodiverse needs. Caroline developed Quirky Buds after receiving repeated requests for ways to connect from clients, advocates, and community members.

For more information and to fill out an interest form, click here. Simply provide some basic information about the interested individual, including zip code, birthdate, interests, and mode of communication. Once a nearby match is found, you’ll receive an email introduction that will make it easy for you to connect if you want. Click Here for More Information

Note: Please consider taking precautions as you would when meeting any new individual, such as initially meeting in a public place.

Slush and Krust Productions

Slush and Krust Productions is an entertainment business dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind experience to party-goers as well as establishing a supportive, inclusive and fun filled scene for the neurodiverse. Neurodiverse individuals, ages 14-21, are welcome to join the parties, which are held throughout the year at two venues in the Rockville, MD, area. Parties feature a DJ and dancing as well as video game tournaments.  Click Here for More Information

Social Scene for High School Students/Young Adults

Check out the "Social Scene" listings in the "Transition to Adulthood" section of the xMinds website. You'll find information about social groups, dating/friendship apps, social events, and more. Click Here and Select "Social Scene" for More Information

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