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If you are interested in joining or chairing a committee, please contact Sue Keisler or Jean Winegardner.

BIPOC Outreach Committee

The BIPOC Outreach Committee was formed in recognition of racial disparities among members of the autistic community, which have been caused by historical and institutional practices. This Committee seeks to both cultivate additional resources related to the educational outcomes of BIPOC students and to increase access by families of color to the resources and programming offered by xMind. This Committee hosts a monthly parent discussion group called "People of the Global Majority." 

Chair:  Daria Hall

Educator Support Committee

The Educator Support Committee promotes understanding among educators of how to successfully support autistic students.  We advance this goal by funding Educator Grants for targeted trainings and classroom supplies, among other activities. 

Chair: Marci Skigen

Events Committee

The Events Committee organizes xMinds events, including regular speaker events, social events, IEP Clinics and webinars.

Chair: Sue Keisler

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee organizes xMinds fundraising events, which include the annual Bike to the Beach, as well as other fundraising activities.

Co-Chairs: Marci Skigen, Eric Skigen and Sue Keisler

Nonspeaking Autistic Students Committee

The Nonspeaking Autistic Students Committee works to provide caregivers and educators of non– and minimally–speaking autistic students with beneficial resources and tools. 

Co-Chairs: Maria Ott and Gordy Baylinson

Parent Advocacy Committee

The Parent Advocacy Committee works to provide free resources and guidance to parents and caregivers, primarily through the xMinds website resources and the xMinds team of Volunteer Educational Advocates. We also fund professional educational advocates to represent autistic students in foster care.

Chair: Sue Keisler

Preschool and Elementary Parent Outreach Committee

The Preschool and Elementary Parent Outreach Committee works to provide parents and caregivers of preschool-age and elementary school-age autistic children with resources and fellowship. This Committee hosts a monthly playground meetup and a monthly parent discussion group

Chair:  Melanie Carlos

Spanish Language Outreach Committee

The Spanish Language Outreach Committee seeks to increase xMinds resources available in Spanish as well as to increase access to those resources by Spanish speaking families.  This Committee hosts a monthly parent discussion group in Spanish called "Hablemos Educación Especial."

Chair: Carolina Harp

Committee on Student Transitions to Adulthood

The Committee on Student Transitions seeks to provide xMinds resources and support for parents of autistic students who are planning their transition to life after high school.  This Committee hosts a monthly parent discussion group called "Let's Talk Transitions.

Chair: Jean Winegardner

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