What are “transition services?”

Transition services are services provided to special education students, beginning at age 14 (and sometimes younger), to facilitate a smooth transition from school to post-school activities.

What types of activities and services are offered by MCPS to facilitate a smooth transition?

Transition Services are coordinated, results-oriented activities, based on your child’s needs. Transition activities include (but are not limited to) postsecondary education, vocational education, integrated employment (including supported employment), continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, and/or community participation. The activities selected for your child should take into account your child’s strengths, preferences and interests.

Who coordinates the delivery of MCPS transition services?

Transition services are coordinated by a transition support teacher (TST) in MCPS. These services may be delivered through direct or indirect (consultative) support.

When do transition services from MCPS end?

MCPS transition services terminate when your child reaches the age of 21, or when your child earns a high school diploma, whichever happens earlier.

Where can I find basic information about MCPS transition services?

MCPS provides basic information about transition services on their Transition Services Office web page. Each year, beginning in September, this office offers a series of five workshops called the MCPS Transition Information for Parents and Students (TIPS), that provides essential transition planning information on adult services; Montgomery College; postsecondary education; integrated employment and vocational training; and independent living, community participation, and continuing and adult education.

Which local colleges provide support programs for students on the autism spectrum?

Where can I find information about colleges throughout the country that offer support programs to students on the autism spectrum?

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Where can I find information about employment training for students on the autism spectrum?

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