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Improving K-12 education for students on the autism spectrum in Montgomery County, MD

Join Team xMinds for Bike to the Beach 2021!

Bike to the Beach DC -- July 30, 2021!

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Do you want to develop a deeper sense of community with fellow xMind families?  

Do you want to get into shape under the guidance of our amazing team captain, Patrick Quigley?

Do you want to support xMinds, but you're not sure how to get involved?  Email any of these xMinds leaders who are organizing this event:

Marci Skigen  -- In-Kind Donations

Monica Martinez -- Communications 

Patrick Quigley -- Team Captain (for bike-riders)

Sue Keisler -- Fundraising

Jean Winegardner -- Rest Stop

Practice Rides are Completed! 

  • Sunday, May 16 @ 9am,  30-ish mile ride starting at Hains Point in Washington, DC.
  • Sunday, May 30 @ 9am, 34-ish mile ride on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail, VA
  • Saturday, June 12 @ 9am, 40-ish mile ride, starting and looping at Hains Point in Washington, DC.
  • Sunday, June 27 @ 9am, 40-ish mile ride, location TBD
  • Saturday, July 10 @ 9am, distance is your choice since it's loops, location at  Hains Point in Washington, DC.  Drinks and snacks provided by B2B.

Join or Donate to Team xMinds Here 

Here's some information so you can get involved:

What is Bike to the Beach?  Bike to the Beach is a nonprofit that organizes bike rides around the country to help local autism organizations like xMinds raise money. xMinds has participated for the last three years (though 2020 was largely virtual).

What if I don't have time to do any volunteering or bike-riding, but I want to support Team xMinds?  We would very much appreciate a donation to the team. We are doing this fun event ultimately to raise funds so xMinds can continue its valuable programming. You can donate here.

How do xMinds supporters participate?  This is an annual fundraiser and community-building event in which bike riding enthusiasts and non-riding volunteers can participate.  Bike riders can join Team xMinds for the actual bike ride on July 30.  Non riders can volunteer to help host a great xMinds rest stop. 

What's involved for the bikers?  The biking enthusiasts get together for weekend practice rides in the spring, then ride in the Bike to the Beach bike ride on July 30. The complete 100-mile-ride starts at Union Station, DC, but there are two other starting points along the route where you can start your ride if you're interested in riding only 50 or 25 miles. (Most riders opt for one of the shorter rides.) Everyone ends at the same finish line in Dewey Beach, DE. All practice rides are optional, so join when you can. Some people bring their teenage kids too. In the past people have found these rides are a lot of fun and a great way to meet other xMinds families.

What's involved for non-bikers?  We need non-biking volunteers to staff the rest stop that we're going to host on the day of the bike ride (July 30). This is a great way to be involved, especially if your family member wants to ride but it's not your thing. If you're not available to be at the rest stop on July 30, you can donate drinks or snacks ahead of time. Find out more about volunteering here

When is the actual ride?  It's scheduled for Friday, July 30, so mark your calendars now. It's always on a Friday, and lots of families in the past have stayed at the beach for the following weekend.

How important is this to xMinds?  xMinds relies on this event to provide half our annual budget -- so it's important! 

What if I'm not a strong biker?  You don't need to be a great bike rider to ride with us. We always have some complete beginners, and we start with easy practice rides in the spring to gradually build up endurance.  Also there are three different starting points on the day of the ride -- depending on if you want to ride 100, 50 or 25 miles. 

What if I don't like to bike?  You can support the team with a financial donation, or you can be part of the group that creates a great xMinds rest stop! You can provide snacks and drinks ahead of time or staff the rest stop with other xMinds families on the day of the ride! See more information and register to volunteer here. 

Where can I find out more about the ride and the route?  The Washington, DC ride is described here.

You have more questions?  Email Patrick Quigley or Sue Keisler or Monica Martinez

If you're interested in volunteering to help with the xMinds rest stop, click here

Join or Donate to Team xMinds Here 

See photos from our successful B2B event on August 2, 2019. Our team of 20 riders and 12 volunteers had a great time and raised $25,000!   This year we're shooting for $32,000!

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