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Short Webinar For Parents -- Optimizing Distance Learning

Webinar: Optimizing Distance Learning 

Strategy Supports for Families: Optimizing Distance Learning for Students with Learning Needs is a 53-minute recorded PowerPoint presentation produced by Suzanne Keith Blattner and Associates. The creators of this presentation, Ms. Judy Cromwell and Ms. Lina Sturges, are educational tutors in Ms. Blattner’s practice as well as special educators with vast teaching and administrative experiences in the public and private sectors. Importantly, they are also experienced in supporting student's learning through online classroom platforms, giving them insights about how the loss of a physical building, school structure, and the presence of a teacher in the classroom strips students of the infrastructures that help support their executive function and other learning challenges.

This presentation provides tips and strategies for supporting executive functioning so students can more successfully engage in distance learning. Here is an outline: 

Strategy Supports for Families: Optimizing Distance Learning for Students with Learning Needs

Slides 1-4:  Why is Distance Learning So Difficult for Students?  Executive functioning support is missing -- but parents can provide it!

Slides 5-7:  Setting Up a Well-Organized Learning Space

Slides 8-10:  Monitoring Strategy Supports:  What is the parent's job? What is the student's job?

Slides 11-13:  Schedules -- How to create, display and employ schedules to establish routines and encourage independence

Slides 14-15:  Accessing the Digital Curriculum:  Identifying and addressing the challenges for your child

Slides 16-20:  Motivation and Engagement:  How to use mindfulness, clear expectations, and reward systems

Slides 21-22:  Communication and Student Advocacy:  How to resolve problems and get questions answered promptly

Slides 23-24:  Additional Resources


Two Additional Pieces of Advice to Parents Preparing for the School Year

(1) Review the MCPS "virtual-only model" for opening school in Fall 2020. It is not final until the Board of Education approves it (scheduled for August 25, 2020), but you can review the latest version dated August 4, 2020 here.  MCPS's announced adjustments to this version are here.  You will find the plans for special education support start on page 21.

(2) Review your child's Individual Distance Learning Plan (IDLP) to see how it aligns with the MCPS plan. 

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