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xMinds Camp Read-a-Lot 2020


xMinds wants to help you make reading a part of your child’s daily routine this summer!  And if your student is a pre-reader, being read to by someone else will be just as good!

Everything you need to know about Camp Read-a-Lot


Date:  July 1-July 31, 2020         Location of Camp: Online         Cost of Camp:  Free

What is Camp Read-a-Lot? Camp Read-a-Lot is a read-a-thon style fundraiser for xMinds. Campers ask people (sponsors) to pledge money for the amount they read during the month of July.  Campers keep track of how much they read, and at the end of Camp Read-a-Lot (on July 31), campers report their totals to their sponsors, who then send their donations to xMinds. 

What fun things will happen?   Throughout the month of July, we will host weekly Friday Campfires from 10am to 10:30am every Friday morning.  At these fun online gatherings, we will post short video book reviews from our campers, host online story times and book discussions for older campers, and at the conclusion on July 31, we will award prizes to our top three readers in each age group as well as prizes for the top three fundraisers!  Here's an example of a 30-second book review campers can send us -- this one is from avid reader Stuart Gordon Stuart's Book Review

Once I register, what will I receive?  You will receive the packet of materials for Camp Read-a-Lot and email invitations to join our fun virtual activities every Friday morning (10-10:30am)! Also, you'll be in the running for prizes at the end of camp! 

What can campers read?  Anything  -- paper or electronic!  Examples:  books, articles, magazines, signage, graphic novels, cereal boxes, instructions, etc. 

Who can be a camper?  Any student! Examples: kindergarteners, third graders, fifth graders, middle schoolers, seniors in high school, etc.

What about pre-readers?  Pre-readers make great campers!  They can have someone read to them, and it counts just the same.  And it's a great opportunity to ask family and friends to participate in virtual reading dates with your pre-reader!

How do campers keep track of reading?  There's a Tally Form, which you can download and print.  Campers should use it to keep track of how many minutes or pages they read each day.  Parents should initial the sheet each week. 

Who should campers ask to sponsor them?  Everyone!  Examples:  Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends, etc.  Campers should use the Pledge Form to set a goal and log pledges. Sponsors may put a limit on any donation by indicating it on the pledge form.

How should campers ask for pledges?  We have some scripts that might give you some ideas.  

How do I collect pledges?  Camp Read-a-Lot ends on July 31.  Tally your donations using the pledge sheet, and report the final amount to each sponsor.  Let them know their donations are due August 7 and can be made directly to xMinds by sending a check to PO Box 231, Kensington, MD 20895 or by visiting our website at

Here is the packet of materials you'll need, all in one place.  Please download and print them out to get started.  You can start collecting sponsors any time and start tallying your reading all the way through July!  

Spread the word -- and get your friends to join too!

Looking for a good online story time?  We've got you covered! 

Need to find books from the library? Check out these ebooks and audio books for kids and for teens!


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